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What is it, then, that older workers are looking for, in terms of flexible work arrangements?

Such flexible schedule options typically are offered for all employees, and not just older workers.

Yet during those same years, the number of people between 55 and 64 years is expected to increase by more than 73%.

Consequently, not only is the population of older workers growing, but the percentage of those workers who want to keep working longer also is increasing.

In a recent Conference Board survey, one out of four older workers indicated that they continue to work because their company provided them with needed flexibility.

And, nearly half said that more flexibility would prevent them from retiring.

Flexible schedules can either be fixed (the employee works an alternative schedule that remains consistent) or varied (often requiring that the employee be present during “core” business hours).There are four basic factors, however, that tend to stop employers from developing plans that would support the flexible employment of older workers: It’s worth noting that these same obstacles also stand largely in the way of workplace flexibility for all workers, but the mismatch between flexibility supply and demand is particularly apparent for older workers.That mismatch is seen in the results of a recent survey conducted by the Society of Human Resource Management, which suggests that most employers are not yet ready for the graying of the work force: Given the lack of active recruitment of older workers and the concomitant lack of choices for quality employment available to older workers, it is not surprising that the Committee for Economic Development found that nearly two-thirds of U. firms reported in 1999 that they had difficulty finding older worker job candidates.To do so, they will need to understand some of the factors that have led to the labor mismatch as well as to consider some viable solutions.But first, a bit of background is needed, starting with why older workers want to continue working, more so than did their predecessors.

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