Cellvalidating not firing

I have a Main Window form which contains Tab Control component where dynamicly on click on menu Item I create a new tab and Tab Page. I can only connect to servers that run Windows Server 2008 or lower, so when I try to connect to a ...NET Framework, which provides a user interface for programs designed to run on Windows machines. I'm trying to fetch attachments from a particular folder in Outlook 2010 in a C# Windows Forms app.Is it possible to detect the value change without leaving the row? In my C# application I have a data-bound Data Grid View.Like many others I needed to use combo boxes that would accept typing, so I handle the Cell Validating event on that datagridview to do some processing.I doesn't matter if you've edited the text in those cells or not.The problem is that the event doesn't fire in the following specific cases: - when you're in the last row of the datagrid, in a text box, you have not changed the text, and you hit enter - when you're in the last row in a combo box, editing the text, and you hit enter. Thanks, Korey Hi, I asked this back in January without answer and forgot about it until now.Not so much of a problem with a Cancel button, but a nightmare for Drop Down Lists with Auto Post Back enabled! Hi there, I have a question regarding datagridview, I add data to the datagridview in an interface and all the validation for the datagridview cell is in the datagridview cell validating event for the datagridview.

The Event handler for the "submit" button is supposed to take the information in the relevant textboxes and write them to ...I need to highlight the particular character in a control using the fill rect. I can able to get the location of the text without the wrapped by using the Graphics. I have some bugs that need fixing, one of them involves an out of memory error. Thanks, I don't want it to be too messy, or too complicated. This piece of code detect most keys and puts it in a message Box, but one of the keys it doesn't is the enter key. In the past, you could have an event for each property addign the Changed suffix (thus for My Property, you would have a My Property Changed event that you would fire as necessary).The DGV SHOULD listen for these events and update accordingly. Jim Wooley I click the column header in my datagridview, the Cell Value Changed event does not fire (it does if I click in another row).

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