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The parties, however, remained in contact with one another though text messaging and Facebook. He maintained health insurance for the family with Blue Cross Blue Shield (Respondent's Exh. Petitioner posted her residence as "Tampa, Florida" on her Facebook page (Respondent's Exh. Jessi was also questioned regarding some of her routine physical activities, especially in regard to entries she made on her Facebook page. During this time Jennifer posted pictures on My Space that showed a terrible open infection of her arm as if her arm was being eaten by flesh-eating bacteria. The family court cited an exhibit containing a posting from Wirtzberger's Facebook page where he wrote that a three-year old told him his breath smelled like gas and that the smell was probably from the Jager and beer. Shane was confronted with a page from his My Space account that had been printed off about a month before the hearing. Shane explained that his My Space account had been open for several years and he had not bothered to update it. He further stated that he had established "a professional profile" on a "networking site" called Linkedin. At the time of trial, Jessi was a senior at Nicholls State University maintaining a 4.0 grade point average. For more information, or to pose a comment or question to our research team, please contact ...

Now, with over 320 published cases in the first half of 2012, not counting de minimis entries (defined as cases with merely cursory or passing mentions of social media) we are sharing the list here for our readers. The evidence shows semi-nude and other risqu photographs of [Thompson] on her "" profile. [Thompson] did not see anything inappropriate with her "" profile. In addition, defendant stated that he had "maintained personal contacts" with managers at HSBC, Alas, and certain financial institutions. The Linked In profile pages of Darrell Pilant, the Grand's Vice President of Operations, and Tammy Young, the Human Resources Manager, were introduced into evidence. The chancellor also acknowledged Brown's bad judgment in being noncompliant with taking her medication for Crohn's disease and posting photographs on her My Space page of herself with different men, of herself at different events where she was surrounded by individuals ...... One of the dispatchers took photographs of the gift exchange, and on December 25, 2007, Brown posted four of those photographs on his My Space page. On October 29 or 30, Keas found a comment by Barber on Facebook that caused her concern for her safety. Barber and Keas remained "friends" on Facebook, and she would occasionally check his status. In light of the protracted arguments about Plaintiff's and other witnesses' Facebook photos and emails, which are only now being resolved, the Magistrate Judge believes it is necessary to grant Defendant's motion to continue. In response, Barnes took down his flyers and deleted his entries that were posted on the Facebook webpage.

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In late September and early October of 2010, Defendants served subpoenas on a number of non-party licensees of Plaintiffs' copyrights, including My Space, i Mesh, and Yahoo! She testified that the victim had been made fun of at school, on Facebook, and on Topix. at 29, 34.) It took him approximately one or two minutes to create the Linked In account for SSR. 3, which: (a) informed the Clerk that Petitioner appointed him Petitioner's "financial trustee" for the purposes of a multitude of cases; (b) directed the Clerk to delete all records (of unspecified what) from the Internet, Facebook website, etc.; and (c) stated Petitioner's beliefs about ......

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  1. We refer to these individuals throughout this report as “online daters,” and we define them in the following way: Taken together, 11% of all American adults have done one or both of these activities and are classified as “online daters.” In terms of demographics, online dating is most common among Americans in their mid-20’s through mid-40’s.