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Jackson Kennedy, the affable fifth-grade narrator, lives for baseball. His other picture books, Strong to the Hoop, Vroomaloom Zoom, Two Old Potatoes and Me, and Around the World, have won numerous awards and honors.

Crackback john coy Summer Reading Brochure 2013 Download as PDF File (. The novel tells the story Book, and Two Old Potatoes and. Though it will be up to the part- ners to decide on specific actions,.

At this point, students are starting to understand that dating and choosing a book aren’t so different.

AFTER THE INTRODUCTION, BRIEFLY EXPLAIN THE ACTIVITY: After the introduction to the activity, I allow students to find seats at the date tables.

Gigs dad is in the National Guard and has been called up to serve in the Middle East.

Isaac's dad wants him to go to a different middle school than all his friends.

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But I’m sure to someone who hasn’t, we must look pretty darn crazy lol!

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