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These are great for exceptionally lazy geeks, women with fused-wrists, spoon-phobic men and all kinds of other strange niches of people you probably don't really have in your life.If you love Duck Hunt, or know someone else who does, you'll appreciate this sweet gun alarm clock.The Smoker's Umbrella is the ultimate solution for cigarette lovers who are caught in the cold.The kit comes with an ash tray attachment and an adorable cigarette-styled carrying case. )If you like this article, be sure to check out the sequel, 9 More Strange and Bizarre Gifts for the Weirdos In Your Life.* * * * If you want cool stuff and not just strange stuff, check out this Collection of Cool Stuff You Can Buy For Animal Lovers They sell those smoking umbrellas in my tobbacconist.This teddy bear lamp is cuddly and functional and it would match my decapitated bear USB drive. He certainly would light up my life -and yes, that pun was intended. Not that tattoos or tattoo artist are a bad thing, not by any means, but is this really something you need to get your kids into early?If you love biology, but hated all those dead little animals, you'll love this cute little knitted frog.A radio-controlled tarantula is just the thing for scaring siblings and exploring just how fun huge spiders can be.(Buy here) I gotta admit, this is probably the only thing on this list I actually would want. Then they're sure to love this GR8 Ta T2 Maker toy that will train them for their future jobs requiring no education or real life experience.

Although this sign doesn't offer the words I would choose to express most often, it does a nice job in giving them a hint of what you are thinking.

Ever been so mad at someone that not giving them a gift seems to be an understatement?

They might just think you forgot or couldn't afford to get them something.

Just pop a battery into this cute little LED Christmas tree and watch the motherboard light up its lovely flashing LED lights.

It may be a little small to put presents under, but with the recession this year, that may be all the space you need. If you ever wanted to tell the driver behind you something, you probably can find a use for the LED Car Emoticon Sign.

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