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Its windows from the High Gothic period were installed while the monastery was still in existence. Information: Tourist office Otterbach-Otterberg, phone: 06301/31504 The collegiate church is considered one of the most significant late Gothic hall churches in South-West Germany.

Moreover it is the birth place of the "Palatine Union", for it was here that the Lutherans and Reformed of the Palatinate merged in 1818.

The church was rebuilt at the beginning of the 19th century.

Information: Tourist office Enkenbach-Alsenborn, phone: 06303St. Martin's church (today the Catholic parish church) is considered a good example of a medieval begging order's church.

It was built around 1185 and is purely Romanesque in style.Constructed at the beginning of the 14th century as a convent church of the Franciscans, it was enlarged in the 15th century. Parts of the medieval town wall border the structure to this day Information: Tourist office Kaiserslautern City, phone: 0631/3652317 At the edge of the village of Mittelbrunn you can find the ruins of the former village church.Having withstood the Thirty Years' War, it was last used for a service in 1718.Andrew, embellished with filigree ornamental frescoes. The nave was torn down at the beginning of the 19th century because of its dilapidated condition.Information: Touristinformation Sickingen tourism Landstuhl, phone: 06371/1300012In World War II the residents of Landstuhl vowed to build a chapel, if their town would be spared major damage.

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The chapel was built in the midst of the forest, overlooking the town.

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