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Dare from my husband and I always get crazy horny when he goes on trips for work and he dared me stand nude in front of a window with the lights on at night. This isnt really about truth or dare since the game wasnt officially played but then again, it wasnt needed as you can see from the pictures. C and I love a little bondage and spanking as you can see. My girlfriend Nikki and I were looking at your site ,and decided to do a little dare of our own . I'm amazed at all the fantastic e-mail that was sent to me. I don't read them all at once, maybe one or two a each night whilst playing ... D is very shy and has not explored her sexuality very much.My wife and I went to our favorite night spot one night. We went to the lake park ,and she started taking pictures . With work, moving and lots of other stuff going on it's been awhile since our last post but we ALWAYS make time to check out the daily posts from everyone else. This is my first post and I was super excited about it. Many of you have already enjoyed these videos but for those that haven't you are missing out on seeing one of the hottest videos and BEST videos made by a real young couple. This dare actually started with a few beers on vacation at a hotel. She is very self-conscious about her body, but I think ... She was at the mall and she noticed that the guy's selling cell phones from the kiosk in the center of the mall are pretty persistent and will follow you a few steps telling you that ...You know when you meet somebody in the office and there is so much chemistry that the air gets thick with intensity. Unfortunately we are both with someone now, but there is still room for some ... We take turns being the one tied up and have to do everything the other says. Sunshine really loves your Hot comments and the affect her pictures are having on you guys and gals.

They had never fully seen the sun before and since the beach allowed topless bathing I decided to ...

At one point it was full and we were pressed shoulder to shoulder against others and she had her breast ...

Attached are pictures of my wife that we took while taking a small vacation few months back.

This is not much of a dare compared to some of the other ones on this site, but my wife is a very shy and reserved person, and just the fact that after "some" encouragement she finally agreed to post her pictures on your site is a big step for us. My wife and I have done many new things over the past two years to spice up our sex life, couples sex, threesome, hot tub sex, and sharing more and more fantasies.

Now, I have finally talked the wife into letting me post some pictures of her ass, one bent over and the other in a more sensual position. My wife loves to flash her pussy I am always daring her to do crazy daring flashes but the bottom line is she loves it she does the mall gig escalators, stairs, shoe shopping, driving around but our ...

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This is our first post but with feed back more to come. So yeah it was Valentine's Day and for once Pete and I were alone. To keep things simple I will be C and she will be D.

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