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That’s what makes marriages work, not sex.’In a sex-obsessed society, where everyone - young, old, male and female - seems to be boasting of how many times a week they ‘do it’, it may come as a relief to many that couples like Charlotte and Chris are happy to admit that sex plays no part in their marriages at all.Most couples who find themselves at a point where sexual intimacy has died tend to confide their predicament to no one at all.They consistently ask me to care for their dogs while they go on vacation (which happens several times a year each). When I moved in with my husband, however, I mostly stopped agreeing to pet-sit. Hiring a professional would be too expensive, they say, although I also feel like part of the problem may be that a professional would not accept caring for aggressive dogs.I cannot bring the dogs to my place because my husband is allergic, so pet-sitting always requires driving 30 minutes across town, several times a day, or straight up living at their house for however many days they’re gone. The dogs are extremely food aggressive, they get into fights, they beg, they jump on people, they destroy furniture, etc. I have made it clear that I do not want to pet-sit.Turns out, that was just an excuse to ask me in person to pet sit for 4 days while she and my other sister went to Vegas together for a holiday vacation.She knew I wouldn’t be able to say no in person, and she was right. I guess I have a few questions for you and your commenters: Am I in the wrong for turning them down just because I do not want to pet-sit, when they’ve offered to pay me and I do have the free time ?h=194&w=300&m=6&q=60&u=t&o=t&l=f&x=787&y=544" title="The tunnel of fudge cake is the chocolate bundt cake to end all chocolate bundt ...

It wasn’t painful, but I lay there thinking: “How quickly can we get this over with?Three years ago, when their daughter was 18 months old, Charlotte almost died after an ectopic pregnancy resulted in her having a partial hysterectomy during a six-hour operation.Since then, she and Chris have made love only once, around ten months after her loss, an encounter from which she derived no pleasure. ‘It can be hard knowing that our cuddles will never lead to anything more intimate,’ he says.”‘Most mums I know think the ironing basket is a more attractive option than sleeping with their husbands, and they can go months without sex,’ says Charlotte.‘But one friend, who has a very active sex life, thinks it’s abnormal that Chris and I don’t make love.

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I think if Chris really missed sex he would tell me, or I’d catch him watching porn on the internet as a substitute.

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