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Do you think the writers are trying to throw together different characters this year? It’s fun that people are talking about Parenthood for whatever reason.

That’s been an invaluable gift to have somebody like her around to look up to. Whitman: It’s best friends camp every day, all day. Whitman: Sarah and Miles are really amazing artists. What would be the craziest thing the writers could do to your characters? They’ve given me advice when I didn’t know what to do. Ramos: I was thinking Haddie would be a firefighter or an abstract artist, someone who makes sculptures out of found art. Whitman: My immediate thing is an incestuous relationship. Ramos: Does she get punished more than anybody else? And Craig, man—Whitman: When Craig gives advice, it’s hard to deal with. Me, and Craig, and Sarah just weeping in each other’s arms that way. I should start dating Crosby and then have to have a talk with Jabbar [Tyree Brown] and be like, “I’m not trying to replace your mom,” that kind of stuff. co-stars."Nobody really knew about it for a while," he added.The actor continued: "It's a private life situation, so we keep it private [and] quiet."Krause went on to praise Graham for being a "pretty great" girlfriend.

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