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Note: Employees who take annual leave while on travel status may not be reimbursed for lodging expenses incurred during the period of leave.

By using less toxic cleaning and maintenance chemicals, these hotels provide healthier conditions for guest and employees.Saturna claims 1990, either October or December, for its predecessor fund and 1995 for the fund under its current configuration. Its base management fee is 0.60% and the performance fee of up to 0.30% can cut the manager’s profits by half if he screws up.The fund holds stocks across all market capitalizations and ranges from deep value to growth holdings.For every trailing period, Morningstar gives it “above average” returns and “below average” risk.Sextant Growth ranks in the top 15% of mid-cap growth funds over the long term, but the comparison is not terribly meaningful since the fund does not particularly target mid-caps (or, for that matter, growth stocks).

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states that when lodging is shared “the traveler paying for the lodging seeks reimbursement for the full expense”.

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